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Understanding Drug Misuse

Drug misuse may be far more common than abusing a substance, in fact many people who misuse a drug may not even be aware of it. Taking any medication in a manner that is contradictory to the instructions or prescription can constitute drug misuse. Dial 800-303-2482 to be connected with an addiction counselor now and get the information you need.

While it may seem like a minor transgression, especially when compared to more overt addiction and chemical dependency issues, misuse can be just as dangerous depending on the circumstances and even offers a greater chance of developing a substance abuse problem in the future.

About Drug Misuse

There are many forms of misuse, and a variety of circumstance that makes taking any medication or drug in a manner other than what has been instructed can be quite dangerous. Understanding the risks will ensure that one is able to make better decisions and that any medication they may be taking is done so in a safe and effective manner. Choosing to ignore the instructions or orders you have been prescribed by your doctor can bring about many potentially dangerous and sever situations, putting your health and even your life at great risk.

Taking more than one medication or substance, even alcohol, may create a potentially dangerous combination with what would have been safe doses of medications had they been taken independently. It is precisely this unpredictability and volatility that makes even seemingly minor misuse a potentially dangerous situation.

The risk of a violent, severe or even potentially fatal interaction been two or more medications or drugs may not always be a known commodity to those taking them, as such it can pose the risk of an accidental overdose even when you are taking a smaller dose than you have in the past. Unsafe medication and drug combinations can be very dangerous; as such they should be discussed with a doctor to ensure that your medications are being taken in a safe manner.

When taking a medication such as a pain reliever, it is possible that your body may develop a tolerance to the drug over time. When this occurs, it takes a greater and greater dosage to achieve the desired effect. Such a situation may serve as motivation to up your dosage in an unsafe manner as doing so will allow you to enjoy the original level of effect offered by the medication.

The human need for drugs has always existed, regardless of its type and purpose. What we fail to understand that even the essential mix of medications can cause the harmful side-effects and people who are taking them need to be very careful. Otherwise, they can become addicts and let the drugs rule their lives.