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Helping A Loved Ones Displaying Drug Misuse

Substance use disorder has become a common problem in our society, and more and more people are struggling with drug addiction. Drugs can severely affect your emotional life and damage your health. If your loved ones are suffering from this disease, then you might be in a challenging position. Most individuals don’t know how to cope with this situation because they aren’t trained, professionals or doctors. Your desire to help your loved ones may have an opposite effect, so you need to proceed carefully. Here is what you can do, to help them recover faster.

Don’t try to fix their problems directly

HelpingPeople who suffer from addiction don’t like to hear the truth and often tend to neglect their problems, thinking they are not addicts. So, unless you are mental health professional, you should try to fix your loved ones or friend’s substance use problems. You can offer them your unconditional support and love. Fighting addiction is very challenging, and in those moments your loved ones need someone to rely on. You should be that person, who helps them open up and stop hiding behind their fears and insecurities.

Talk about the problem

TalkingJust identify the type of addiction and reaching for treatment isn’t enough. Your friends and loved ones might be worried about the treatment and might have fears of relapsing. However, you play a significant role in their life, and they need someone to confide in. Be the person who they can trust, be there for them during the treatment, help them during difficult times and they will recover faster.

Identify the issue

Discovering whether the substance use problem is mild, moderate or severe, should be the first step to getting someone help. In this case, you can find a qualified health professional who will apply S-BIRT procedure. He will use a set of tools to identify and assess problematic substance use and preventing it from becoming more severe. Seeking out the help of a qualified expert should your first step, and he will guide you through the rest of the process.