The Dangers Of Drug Misuse

Drugs are essentially chemical substances which act on the nervous system and brain, by changing the state of consciousness, emotion or mood of an individual. Drug misuse is an epidemic and all must be done to do away with this destructive practice. Education, other preventative measures and treatment will have huge roles to play, if this is to be achieved.

Typically, drugs are categorized by their effects on individuals. For example, stimulants like cocaine make individuals feel full of energy. Sedatives or depressants like heroin make individuals feel relaxed and hallucinogens like LSD make individuals hear or feel things that are not real.

Prescription medications like tranquilizers or strong painkillers are frequently misused by individuals who have no medical need for them but exploit it because if their mood-altering properties. In a number of cases, it is against the law to possess particular categories of prescription medication like methadone or morphine, without a legitimate prescription. However, this has done very little in way of preventing drug misuse.

Commonly Misused Drugs

AmphetaminesAmphetamines – These are a group of artificial or synthetic drugs which are powerful stimulants. They are commonly referred to as wiz, billy or speed. More often than not, amphetamines are available in powder form and are rubbed into the gums, snorted via the nose or placed in cigarette paper and swallowed; this is known as speed bombing.

A number of amphetamines are available in the form of tablets. In addition, there is a very potent form of amphetamine that is referred to as crystal meth, which is smoked. The amphetamines could be taken by way of injection as well.

Right after taking amphetamines, there will be a rush; this is a sudden boost of energy that will make the user feel extremely excited, talkative and energetic. Typically, this high or rush will last anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on the quantity of amphetamine that is taken.

As soon as the effects of amphetamines are worn off, the individual will experience what is referred to as a comedown or crash, which could go on for quite a few days and he or she will feel:

  • Anxious
  • Irritable
  • Depressed
  • Inability to sleep

CannabisCannabis – This is derived from a plant which is found in the majority of places around the world and it is available in two forms: herbal cannabis and cannabis resin.

We should conclude that drugs have an adverse impact on our body and its use should be strictly monitored. Drugs have the power to emotionally and physically destroy a human body. If we don’t implement stricter laws and controls over various institutions, the drugs will always be present in our lives.

Mary J. Anderson